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Plugins can help your game play so much! They are easy to install and use.

First let's start with a step by step on how to get them and how to install them.

Step 1: Go here

Step 2: Use the Search box at the top right to look for the plugin you want.

Step 3: Read the install instructions to make sure you don't need anything to go with the plugin you've picked. If all is good and you still want it. Hit the Download button on the right.

Step 4: Go to your Download folder on your computer and right click the plugin. I run windows 10 so my extraction program is 7-zip. Hover over 7-zip (or other extraction program) then select "Extract Files.."

Step 5: Extract the files to the correct folder. An Extract window will open, you will see a button with ... on it. Click that.

Now, you will have to choose the path to extract. MY path is Documents > Documents > The Lord Of The Rings Online > Plugins

* If you do not have a plugins folder you will need to add one. Put the extraction process on hold and open The Lord of the Rings file and add a folder, then name it plugins.

Once you have your path correct you can hit "Ok" on both windows and it will extract the files to the plugins folder. Do this with ALL of the plugins you want to get. If you are getting more than one at a time.

Step 6: Open the client and load whatever character you want.

Step 7: Click the ^ to open the menu. Go up to System and then select Plugin Manager.

Step 8: Plugin Manager should now be open and you will see a list of your plugins on the left side. You can select the one(s) you want to load. You will see there is a drop down menu on each plugin that will allow you to pick which characters (or all) that you want to have this plugin auto load on start up for.

Step 9: Enjoy your plugins!!!

** I have had people tell me there is an easier way to do plugins. I haven't figured it out. So this is how I do it and it's not that hard. Takes seconds to do once you have it down.

Now, I'm going to give a list of plugins I use. Some I highly recommend.

Here's a screen shot of my layout with my plugins loaded.

All tucked away and not really taking up much room or making it too messy.

Now for my list!
1. AltInventory. Ever need to find crafting mats and can't remember where you put them? Or all those tomes you have scattered on your alts? Yeah, this will fix that. Just install it and make sure you have it auto load for ALL characters. Then just log in each character once and open their vault. It will update the plugin and then you can search for your stuff before you do the alt logging dance.

2. AltWallet. This will tell you what you have on each character as far as gold, marks, shards, mithril, account bound items, landscape items etc. It breaks it down to each character and overall.

3. Buffbars. Let's you see what buffs/debuffs you have on you and alerts you to any disease, poison, bleed or wound you have.

4. Friendalert. Let's you know when someone logs on and off. Might seem silly because you can get that alert in your chat box but I shut that all off in my filters. So this pops on the screen in your choice of color if you change the settings per friend OR if it's kin members it will be in your kin chat color.

*Warning: It will ruin screen shots

5. Lotropad. Helpful if you need to take notes for anything. Gear, cosmetics, events, keeping links handy etc etc... so many uses and has saved me so many times.

6. PalantirII.
PalantirII is the part that looks like ( ) around you with your morale and power. Also note Buffbars here and how it shows what Cami put on me as far as bleeds etc.
Second video is a bit of moors GV camp. You'll see how it shows you what disease, bleed, fear, wound you have and you can just see under it all where a pot would pop up if you set it up with pots. Since I don't use them I don't put them in.

7. Poetical. If you like to play music and want to be able to "sing" a song easily, this is it. You can use this to copy and paste lyrics into it. Once set up you can click the > button on the line you want and it sends it to the /say channel as you can see by my chat box.

8. PvMP+. For all you into PvP. You NEED this. It will keep track of your rank progress, shows which keeps and outposts are owned by who, shows the delving buffs and shows the last 5 KB's you've gotten. Plus, in the KB box at the top you can enter a number and his POS SEND and it will put in /ooc something like 5 Creeps in Delving of Fror at Drake for example. You have to hit POS before you hit SEND or it won't send your current location. You can also use the little buttons at the top to send your daily progress to chat. If you right click the chat bubble button you can pick what to send and where to send it then left click the chat bubble and it sends. You can see your KB's on players, graphs that show your daily renown/infamy, comms. Really.... if you pvp just get this.

9. RaidRolls. You can use this with any size group. Comes in handy for keeping track of rolls and who has the highest. When you have chat spam this is a life saver. This will also keep people from spamming rolls over and over until they get the number they want.

10. RTplugin. Let's you easily see where Roving Threats spawn in each area. Making scouting them easier and you can click the circles to mark their location for the day and share this with anyone that has the plugin as well. They just have to click the receive data box and once you send it to a chat channel their plugin will pick it up and enter it.

11. SequenceBars. I personally use this for changing out my gear. Since I have moors gear, dps and heal gear. I set mine up to be compact and off to the side.

12. SongbookBB. Let's you easily play ABC files in game. Yay!

This is my list of plugins. There's more out there and I'm always on the look out for useful ones. So if there's something you use and you want to share, please do! Just post it here so we can see... pictures or videos of the plugin working are always welcome!
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Updated with a second video for Palantir and BuffBars stuff. Bit of the Moors GV camp from this morning.
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