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The leadership group is made up of the kinship's founder, Camilliel, and ten other leaders. Duties include recruiting, managing the website, planning events, making sure the CoC is being followed, making changes to the kinship if needed and making sure the kinship is a fun and open place for every member. Additionally, the leadership group also handles any drama or violations to the CoC and appoint new officers. Many of these tasks are done democratically together with the kinship's officers, and sometimes members.

The leadership group also has the same abilities and responsibilities as our officers; however, to become a leader, you must have been an officer first.

You must have an excellent reputation in our kinship and with our members.
You have to be very active, both in game and on this site.
You have to be trustworthy, social, driven and you need to be committed to this kinship and its members.

In addition to this, we have ten leadership positions. Therefore, you can only be chosen into the leadership group if one of the existing leaders would leave their position for any reason.


Camilliel - Founder

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