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Welcome to the Heedless Tosspotts

Greetings, and welcome to the home of the Heedless Tosspotts!

We are a LOTRO kinship, from the lovely server of Landroval.
The kinship was created in the spring of 2015, by Camilliel.

We have all kinds of members, from solo players to role players and all in between. You may have seen us doing quests, killing stuff, drinking ale, playing music, roof hopping around Bree or attending various parties across Middle-Earth. Although we are a very laid-back kinship, we do love doing things together such as: instances, raids, events, questing, or even music.

To sum it up, we are a friendly and open kinship with a big sense of humor.

If we are recruiting, we would be honored and glad if you decided to join our kinship. We welcome all players from crafters to role-players to raiders (not the Oakland Raiders) to questers.

If you are interested in joining, send a message to any online officer, and they will answer any questions you have, as well as invite you if you are willing. You can also join the kinship by filling out the application form on the left side of this page, and you will be contacted by an officer shortly.

To find an officer to contact, please check here.

Safe travels